To Shirley's friends: 27-09-2014

This is sad news for many of Shirley's friends (aka Tom) but he passed away last night. I know Shirley had many friends and fans and she loved the time she spent with her Dirty Bingo Friends. Shirley raised a lot of money for many charities over the years. Shirley is running a Dirty Bingo game right now, I'm sure.

Tom's friend

From the Webmaster:

In a recent email to me, Shirley mentioned a request to update her website in the event of her passing. She wrote this obituary herself.

“Shirley, was funny… she was a redhead… she can’t suck cock now because she is dead”…. 069 !!!

Shirley/Tom dedicated himself to charity through Shirley's Dirty Bingo since 1997. The show won critical acclaim and was ranked among the "Top 12 Reasons to Stay in Toronto". Tom's efforts to raise awareness for Adult Literacy, as well as a host of other charities was endless. The funds he colleceted for countless organizations have gone on to change the lives of many people.

If the meaning of life is to give your life meaning, then Tom Shirley found his. 069!!!

Remember Shirley every time you order a Shirley Shooter!

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